maandag 21 maart 2011

Be there...

Check out our latest issue to see what this is all about...then get yer ass overthere...

One from the road...

zondag 13 maart 2011

Harry's HD Flathead/Matchless Racing project...

I met Harry a couple of years back, on the Dutch/Belgian GarageManiacs Forum, eversince then we run into eachother at parties, shows and rideouts, but we never really visited eachother's garages, untill recently Harry dropped by and we agreed I would visit him soon to check out his great new bikeproject...
Up to now I didn't manage to go yet, but sure hope to do so asap
This one's gonna run the Bonneville Saltlake once finished so keep you eye out for more and of course we're gonna try to follow up on this cool bike in Motorized!

here's some sneak previews of what Harry's cooking up!!!

Gary Margerum & the Ken Fox Wall of Death troupe...

Gary is a UK based photographer who's spending a lot of time on the Road with the troupe surrounding Ken Fox and his Wall of Death.
Only a few people left worldwide who keep this wonderfull tradition in motorcycling alve and Gary has provided us with a superb portfolio to run in the next issue of Motorized! make sure you don't miss it!
for now, there's more to see on Gary's blog, in the end the pictures will all nicely add up to tell the true story of these Daredevils  in a great book.

Was great meeting...

Jeff Decker in Verona earlier this year...
Super nice guy and amazing Verona he showed a (small) part of his Vintage MC jacket collection, sure is a feast for the eye, as were  the small bronze sculptures the man brought.

Last year, Jeff published the limited edition Hells Union photobook showing his jacket collection.
Needles to say the books already sold out.

Checkout more of Jeff's artwork and allround cool stuff on his website or blog

dinsdag 1 maart 2011

Can you Dig it?

Last summer in Jesolo, I met Filippo, member of the Hamsters, he had with him his Digger build by Arlen Ness.
So we did a photoshoot and I considered myself pretty lucky to be able to shoot an original Ness build early seventies digger.
Last Januari at the Verona bikeshow, we met Filippo again and this time he introduced us to Francesco, fellow Hamsters member and owner of yet another Ness build digger, and guess what...the bike was at the expo too, so another shoot was done...and to add to my happiness about this shoot, we were joined by Arlen Ness himself to make some portraits...I couldn't believe my luck ...both bikes will appear side by side in the next issue of Motorized!

Still Alive

Been awhile since any new posts appeared on this page, but we're still here...
I guess it's about time to provide you all with some fresh eyekandy, so check back every now & and then to see what's up.
First trip for this year has already been done...End of Januari, the Verona bikeshow in Italy, way too much cool stuff to check out, 3 days of show is hardly enough to see all there is to see, ranging from stock bikes to full on choppers, Verona has quite a lot to offer for everybody.
On top of that it's a show wich attracts people from all over the world so it became big fun from the moment we arrived untill we went back home.

hope you enjoy the slection of good stuff we got here for you.
Very nice Flathead at the display of W&W

Italians Love color...Paintjob Extravaganza

Alberto's "Stoned & Blue" another very nice Flathead

El Rana's artwork...

And of course buddy Blaster was there too, check out his blog