woensdag 29 oktober 2008

It's here....

And I'm stoked with the result....heavy cover and inside paper, offset printed and a very appropriate suéde look and feel...
Hope you all like it eventhough this is just a sampler...get's me all excited to finish the Premiere Issue.
1000 copies, half to be used as promo, half will be for sale at local car & bikeshows and in some selected stores and shops.
You know the cover now so get your hands one one if you have the chance...there will be no reprint from this one.
Meanwhile keep your eyes open for the Premiere Issue (expected spring 2009) for more fuel injected eyekandy...

9 opmerkingen:

Sik zei

Euhhhhhh, what's to do to get me copy Sven? I'm really curious!

Cheers, Sik


joe come too bigtwin volgende week...ikke wel met boekjes en al...dus ook met dat voor jou...
ifnot lemmeknow...

Sik zei


joe ziet mie daar!

Tjeers, Sik

chish13 zei

How do us freaks in England got one??

motorcycho zei

Trade ???

FV zei

Sven can I buy a copy ?
Greets Sinnersteel (Shovel Frenske)

Kustom zei

how can I get 1 issue here in Argentina?South Amerika!!!

Gary Inman and Ben Part zei

How do I get one?
Gary at Sideburn magazine

Justin zei

I would love to get one here in Colorado, USA!!!