dinsdag 17 november 2009

Issue 2 available now...

On the poster Xavier Sanchez' '78 Shovel...
wanna see more...

vrijdag 13 november 2009

More Bigtwin Bikeshow shots

BigTwin Bikeshow last weekend...

Last weekend we did the first presentation of the new issue on this show in Rosmalen / Holland.
Lot's of kool stuff to check out overthere...
Spend a great weekend with good friends, as usual a lot of fun and goodtimes.

Thanx to all for the support you're all showing for the magazine!

Big Thanx also to Margot at Bigtwin for the opportunity to show off our cars 'n bikes...

Here's some shots of the stuff that caught my eye while I was not promoting the mag or doing some

Laurent Bagnard Calendar

Laurent Bagnard, responsible for this issues guestportfolio, has just published his new calendar for 2010.
Make sure you get your hands on one of these...fantastic photography, great rides and even better locations...we're allready looking forward to it in our workshop.

You can get it by transferring 15Euro (shipping included) with Paypal to info@hijoles.com

download the preview of the calendar here: http://www.mediafire.com/?jnhzzr4jntj

Dealer info : laurent@coolnout.com

Motorized...how to get it!

You can order Motorized! by sending some money with Paypal to elcheapo@pandora.be
Please don't forget to mention your full name and adress to ship the magazine.

single copie prices:

magazine + shipping Central Europe: 16 euro
magazine + shipping Scandinavia and the USA: 18 euro
magazine + shipping rest of the world: 20 euro

of course you can also get a copie of the mag from the following fine shops
most of them also offer online shopping so that should make it possible for all of you to get Motorized!


Area 9 / Geldrop
Loose / Eindhoven
Perry's Rod Shop / Eindhoven
Dragon Tattoo / Eindhoven
KARS / Heerlen
Inkstitution Tattoo / Rotterdam
Special Parts Supply / Geertruidenberg
OIT Harley Davidson / Breda

L&L Choppers / Opmeer


Mania Garage / Wondelgem-Gent
Kings and Queens / Antwerp


Born Bad / Paris


Jack Hammer Hotrod and KustomSupply / Farnborough – Hampshire

The Magazine Man /


Custom Parts and Wear / Mellingen


HepCat Store / Lund


Kustom Kulture Oy / Platu Art / Vantaa


Mooneyes USA / Santa Fe Springs

On the Road:

Sinner Supply

Motorized...Issue 2...Contents

Motorized....the lowdown...

We'll guess it's about time to put some more news on these pages...

Eversince the release of Motorized! the Premier Issue last April things got quite hectic overhere...
We've been traveling all over Europe this summer to promote the magazine and shoot stuff for the upcoming editions.

Gotta say Thanx a million times to each and everyone who has supported Motorized! from the start...all the people buying the mag, all you builders, shops, carclubs, eventorganizers and not to forget all other magazines who took the effort to help spreading the word about Motorized!
Thanx Bigtime to you all for your support.

The past year proved not to be the ideal moment to launch a new magazine, especially not one that's more expensive then most other mags...but still thanx to you all we managed to pull it of.

Now the new issue is here, due to several reasons, a bit later then expected, but we are very pleased to bring you yet another magazine filled with some amazing rides we shot during one of our many roadtrips last summer.
We sure hope you enjoy going though Motorized! 2 as much as we enjoyed making it.

Due to some bad calculations of my part and the bad financial times we're in these days we had to increase the price of this magazine from 10 to 12 euro, but we intend to make up for that by bringing the highest possible quality for the mag.

Spending as much time on the road as we did the last half year also resulted in very little news and updates on these pages...well what can we say...gonna try to put out some more stuff on a regular basis in the future...so keep checking these pages.

For the future of the magazine...it will be a quarterly published thing, so 3 issues a year will be coming your way, subscriptions are not possible for now...we'll see how everything turns out in a couple of issues...so for now only single issue sales.

Sure hope you enjoy the new issue and hope to meet you all soon somewhere down the road.

Sven aka El Cheapo

Picture made by Sik @ SINS...check the dudes' blog: greasedheadquarters

woensdag 4 november 2009

Issue 2 is here!

We will be ready to ship the long awaited Issue 2 of Motorized! as of next monday.
It's here already but we gonna head over to the Bigtwin Bike Show in Rosmalen, Holland this weekend for the release of the new mag.

Get yours while they last...only 1500 copies printed...
order through elcheapo@pandora.be

Single copy price including shipping is 16,-euro

donderdag 6 augustus 2009

2 more from Italy

Guzzman & me on the way back home...
(driving back still blows my mind bro...what a trip!)
and a lovely Hungarian pinup / burlesquedancer who was willing to promote Motorized!

Kustom Weekend Italy

After returning from Spain, me and my travellin' bud Nico aka Guzzman headed out to the Italian Kustom Weekend...
Girls, cars, sun, fun...good times for everyone!!!
Carshow was hosted by the guys and girls from Crazy Cruisers cc the Italian connection.
Check out the small selection of shots made there.

Motorized also available at...

Loose / Eindhoven
Perry's Rod Shop / Eindhoven
Dragon Tattoo / Eindhoven
KARS / Heerlen
Inkstitution Tattoo / Rotterdam

zondag 2 augustus 2009

Motorized selling points...

Motorized magazine is available at the following fine shops and garages...
a full updated list of selling points will be put on the website in the next few weeks.

Special Parts Supply / Geertruidenberg
OIT Harley Davidson / Breda
Mania Garage / Wondelgem-Gent
Kings and Queens / Antwerp
Born Bad / Paris
Jack Hammer Hotrod and KustomSupply / Farnborough - Hampshire
Custom Parts and Wear / Mellingen
HepCat Store / Lund
On the Road:
Sinner Supply

More shots from Spain

Here's a great bunch of people that made this trip unforgetable.
THANX to you all for the great weekend!!!

Inside the Razzlers clubhouse for just one more drink to finish the weekend
a great collection of cars and projects along with some rides from the Templars cc.
expect to see a lot more of these guys...sure got a great thing going overthere in the sunny Spain.

Jessy and his friend and clubmate Jorge build this neat little Triumph and took the time to do a quick photoshoot during the show.
Jessy and Jorge are members of the Barcelona based Templars cc.

Razzlers cc Riverside show

After the Scrapers SINS show end of April it was off to Catalunya for the Razzlers Riverside show.
Promoting the mag outside of Belgium and Holland for the first time and we had a great time doing it.
Thanx to Sergi and Maria, all the other members of the Razzlers, Templars, Atomics, Royals and Diamantes for the good times.
Didn't shoot too many pictures, but here are some of them...make sure you drop by Balaguer in 2010 for another great weekend!

Tara's Chevy Custom

Sergi in his Ford 5 window coupe

Templar's display at the indoor show

Razzlers cc getting ready to return to the clubhouse after the show

Motorized! Summer09 Update

Hi y'all....
Been quite a while since we posted some news here,
we'll at this moment we're having a 2 week break from traveling all over Europe to promote the magazine so finally some time to sort out all the pics, stories and more and post some of it here.

First of all we need to say big Thanx to all of you who bought the Premier Issue...thanx a lot for your support!
At this time we're working as hard as we can to get the second Issue to you. Contents are 90% complete but we will not make it by the time we first intended. September was our goal but due to several reasons Motorized 2 will not be ready by then. Before the end of the year however a brandnew Motorized will hit the streets, just in time to get some holidaypresents.

The reactions on the Premier Issue are great so we're highly motivated to top it with some amazing rides...keep your eyes on this blog to check out the latest news.

Also expect some more updates here the following weeks to show you some of the amazing stuff we encounter while driving throughout Europe to visit shows, meetings and friends.

Thanx for supporting Motorized! See you somewhere down the road!

donderdag 2 juli 2009

Motorized @ Hangar Rockin'

We will set up our small booth at this weekends Hangar Rockin' in Switserland.
looks like this is gonna be a great weekend filled with Hotrods, customs, dragracing and some wild rockin music.
If all of this makes your heart skip a beat, be there, more info on www.crazyeventik.ch

maandag 15 juni 2009

More Motorized stuff available

Tshirts...front logo print on heavy black T's...from S too XXL: 18 euro
Bumperstickers: 2 euro
send email if you need some. same still goes to order the mag. (10 euro)
Paypal accepted
all prices ex shipping.contact for total cost to your adress.

Motorized magazine....

has been here now for one and a half months and thing are crazy at this moment...

First off all thanx to all of you who already got a copy of the Premier Issue....
about one third of our stock sold in about a month...Thanx!!!

meanwhile were working hard on Issue 2 and in between we hit the road to several events in Europe to bring the mag to you...
Next up is Hangar Rockin in Switserland on july 3 and 4
we will be out there for the weekend so drop by the booth for a chat.

besides traveling and the new mag, we're also trying our best to setup some decent distribution all over Europe, but due to seriously too short days things are going slower then expected...
also trying to find a solution for the expensive shipping costs...for now...sorry folks can't help it...

The website will be updated with a list off shops were you can find the mag.
new pics on the site coming also so check motorizedmagazine.com in the next few weeks.

donderdag 7 mei 2009

Ordering Motorized Premier Issue

If you wanna get yourself a copy of the first Issue....just send an email with your name and adress to elcheapo@pandora.be
we will give you exact pricing (including shipping) and you can pay through Paypal.
just as simple as that.

Motorized on the road

While were still working hard to get distribution set up, we're taking Motorized Magazine on the road....next weekend we set up our booth at the Razzlers cc Riverside Show in spain and from the 22nd of may till 25th, you will find us at the Kustomweekend in Italy.

Check out the flyers for all info

donderdag 23 april 2009

And some more premier news

Check out the brandnew website!


Thanx to Tom & Peter @ Vizion Design

It"s here Folks

After some long hours ....it finally all cametogether...and I'm sooo thrilled wit the result.
More images and info end next week...for now it's all about SINS our car and bikeshow in Wieze / Belgium.
Ofcourse you can check out and buy the Premier Issue overthere, come visit our booth if you're there.

dinsdag 24 maart 2009

Motorized! Premier Issue coming really soon!

If all goes well, the Premier Issue will go to the printer next week.
Still mighty busy finishing some of the features.

Meanwhile Peter & Tom at Vizion Design are working hard to get the website online, should be done by the time the mag hits the streets, 25th of April...keep your eyes open, limited edition of 1000 copies for this first one...

For now you will have to do with this preview of the cover...at least you know what you will be looking for.

on the cover you see Xavier from the Cheaters cc from Genéva doing some donuts at the Loud Mufflers show 2008 in Vernouillet / France

dinsdag 10 maart 2009

Another feature for the Premier Issue

Beer, from the North of Holland.
A guy who has inspired me for about 20 years now, bikebuilder, writer, publisher and proud member of Rogues MC for 30 years.
Check out the feature about this guy and his C&L HogChop, a bike, build about 15 years ago that blew me of my socks, and still remains very much a great bike till today.

Motorized! Indonesia connection

Wira and Rizky send me some pictures after they received their package from Belgium.
Thanx bigtime for the support dudes. Hope to come and visit some day.
Check out what these guys are up to at the other end of the world...


seems like there's a pretty good thing going on overthere....Ride hard guys!
Thanx for the shirt to!

Also thanx to John for the Wira shot and delivery service

dinsdag 10 februari 2009

Limpe Iven's Dutch Hotrod Lifestyle

Check out the amazing work of the guy who did the backcover for the Motorized! sampler issue.
Photo Expo starting next Thursday at the Dudok Grand Cafe in Rotterdam.
more on Limpe on his meanwhile well know blog...

zondag 8 februari 2009

Workin hard ....

To get the Premiere issue ready by the end of April, first presentation of Motorized! will be at my clubs SINS show. Be there if you want a copie of the first issue!

By then you will also be able to get the mag online from our website, wich is also heavily under construction!

But here's a sneak preview of what's to come...
The Premiere Issue will run a pictorial about the latest "Krugger" bike.
with "El Santo" Fred has build his first chopper...I for sure hope he's gonna do some more.

donderdag 22 januari 2009

Motorized! going places & meeting people...

Unfortunately I had to skip the Verona bike expo in Italy last weekend...
Luckily my buddy Erick went for his company Special Parts Supply to show their latest
bike...the Speeddemon.

Thanx bigtime for spreading the Motorized! word Erick, and congrats on the Best of Show for yer bike!!!

For more about this great show...check Romano's CustomSickles blog
and of course plenty of other sites....

Project XS

You've probably seen the copper gastank a few post earlier...
well here's the complete story (at least this part of it) about the bike...
Kenny, longtime racing addict is building his version of an oldstyle bobber,
and what's more...He's building it to make a 5000km trip to Portugal in Mai,
from Belgium to Portugal and back in 1 (!!!) week, on 2 XS 650 hardtails...
Now how 'bout that for a maiden voyage!
Kenny hits the road with one of his best mates Julio to visit some of Julio's family.

Pretty curious how this trip goes, meanwhile the guys are working hard to get the bikes finished
for the long run.

Last week we visited Kenny in his workshop and while Nico and Kenny talked some serious engine techstuff (wich I donno shit about!) I took out my phonecam (yup...phonecam, try to get as low profile as possible these days :-) to shoot some neat stuff in the shed.

Of course we go back for more! Stay Tuned!
also more on the build on the Guzzmen Deluxe site...Nico is one of the friends helping Kenny out with the build.