donderdag 22 januari 2009

Project XS

You've probably seen the copper gastank a few post earlier...
well here's the complete story (at least this part of it) about the bike...
Kenny, longtime racing addict is building his version of an oldstyle bobber,
and what's more...He's building it to make a 5000km trip to Portugal in Mai,
from Belgium to Portugal and back in 1 (!!!) week, on 2 XS 650 hardtails...
Now how 'bout that for a maiden voyage!
Kenny hits the road with one of his best mates Julio to visit some of Julio's family.

Pretty curious how this trip goes, meanwhile the guys are working hard to get the bikes finished
for the long run.

Last week we visited Kenny in his workshop and while Nico and Kenny talked some serious engine techstuff (wich I donno shit about!) I took out my phonecam (yup...phonecam, try to get as low profile as possible these days :-) to shoot some neat stuff in the shed.

Of course we go back for more! Stay Tuned!
also more on the build on the Guzzmen Deluxe site...Nico is one of the friends helping Kenny out with the build.

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Guzzmen zei

They are lookin'quiet havy craftsmen , all those projects and so , do they still have time to sleep ... :o)