dinsdag 24 maart 2009

Motorized! Premier Issue coming really soon!

If all goes well, the Premier Issue will go to the printer next week.
Still mighty busy finishing some of the features.

Meanwhile Peter & Tom at Vizion Design are working hard to get the website online, should be done by the time the mag hits the streets, 25th of April...keep your eyes open, limited edition of 1000 copies for this first one...

For now you will have to do with this preview of the cover...at least you know what you will be looking for.

on the cover you see Xavier from the Cheaters cc from Genéva doing some donuts at the Loud Mufflers show 2008 in Vernouillet / France

3 opmerkingen:

Justin zei

SWEET......Looking forward to receiving this. Sign me up for 2 or 3 issues personally!!


Sinnersteel zei

Where and When can we buy this awesome mag

rizky mandra zei

will indonesia get to see them sven..?? i know i would like that a lot...