zondag 2 augustus 2009

Motorized! Summer09 Update

Hi y'all....
Been quite a while since we posted some news here,
we'll at this moment we're having a 2 week break from traveling all over Europe to promote the magazine so finally some time to sort out all the pics, stories and more and post some of it here.

First of all we need to say big Thanx to all of you who bought the Premier Issue...thanx a lot for your support!
At this time we're working as hard as we can to get the second Issue to you. Contents are 90% complete but we will not make it by the time we first intended. September was our goal but due to several reasons Motorized 2 will not be ready by then. Before the end of the year however a brandnew Motorized will hit the streets, just in time to get some holidaypresents.

The reactions on the Premier Issue are great so we're highly motivated to top it with some amazing rides...keep your eyes on this blog to check out the latest news.

Also expect some more updates here the following weeks to show you some of the amazing stuff we encounter while driving throughout Europe to visit shows, meetings and friends.

Thanx for supporting Motorized! See you somewhere down the road!

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