vrijdag 13 november 2009

Motorized....the lowdown...

We'll guess it's about time to put some more news on these pages...

Eversince the release of Motorized! the Premier Issue last April things got quite hectic overhere...
We've been traveling all over Europe this summer to promote the magazine and shoot stuff for the upcoming editions.

Gotta say Thanx a million times to each and everyone who has supported Motorized! from the start...all the people buying the mag, all you builders, shops, carclubs, eventorganizers and not to forget all other magazines who took the effort to help spreading the word about Motorized!
Thanx Bigtime to you all for your support.

The past year proved not to be the ideal moment to launch a new magazine, especially not one that's more expensive then most other mags...but still thanx to you all we managed to pull it of.

Now the new issue is here, due to several reasons, a bit later then expected, but we are very pleased to bring you yet another magazine filled with some amazing rides we shot during one of our many roadtrips last summer.
We sure hope you enjoy going though Motorized! 2 as much as we enjoyed making it.

Due to some bad calculations of my part and the bad financial times we're in these days we had to increase the price of this magazine from 10 to 12 euro, but we intend to make up for that by bringing the highest possible quality for the mag.

Spending as much time on the road as we did the last half year also resulted in very little news and updates on these pages...well what can we say...gonna try to put out some more stuff on a regular basis in the future...so keep checking these pages.

For the future of the magazine...it will be a quarterly published thing, so 3 issues a year will be coming your way, subscriptions are not possible for now...we'll see how everything turns out in a couple of issues...so for now only single issue sales.

Sure hope you enjoy the new issue and hope to meet you all soon somewhere down the road.

Sven aka El Cheapo

Picture made by Sik @ SINS...check the dudes' blog: greasedheadquarters

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