dinsdag 1 maart 2011

Can you Dig it?

Last summer in Jesolo, I met Filippo, member of the Hamsters, he had with him his Digger build by Arlen Ness.
So we did a photoshoot and I considered myself pretty lucky to be able to shoot an original Ness build early seventies digger.
Last Januari at the Verona bikeshow, we met Filippo again and this time he introduced us to Francesco, fellow Hamsters member and owner of yet another Ness build digger, and guess what...the bike was at the expo too, so another shoot was done...and to add to my happiness about this shoot, we were joined by Arlen Ness himself to make some portraits...I couldn't believe my luck ...both bikes will appear side by side in the next issue of Motorized!

1 opmerking:

Odette zei

I love diggers! But man 2 ness diggers... a piece of heaven..