dinsdag 1 maart 2011

Still Alive

Been awhile since any new posts appeared on this page, but we're still here...
I guess it's about time to provide you all with some fresh eyekandy, so check back every now & and then to see what's up.
First trip for this year has already been done...End of Januari, the Verona bikeshow in Italy, way too much cool stuff to check out, 3 days of show is hardly enough to see all there is to see, ranging from stock bikes to full on choppers, Verona has quite a lot to offer for everybody.
On top of that it's a show wich attracts people from all over the world so it became big fun from the moment we arrived untill we went back home.

hope you enjoy the slection of good stuff we got here for you.
Very nice Flathead at the display of W&W

Italians Love color...Paintjob Extravaganza

Alberto's "Stoned & Blue" another very nice Flathead

El Rana's artwork...

And of course buddy Blaster was there too, check out his blog

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Ayasha Kieth zei

Yes, we're still here, and I'm glad that you shared your cool stuff to us. they looks great with your motorcycle. :D

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Radical Twin zei

nice pics !
EE, from RFT
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