zondag 13 maart 2011

Gary Margerum & the Ken Fox Wall of Death troupe...

Gary is a UK based photographer who's spending a lot of time on the Road with the troupe surrounding Ken Fox and his Wall of Death.
Only a few people left worldwide who keep this wonderfull tradition in motorcycling alve and Gary has provided us with a superb portfolio to run in the next issue of Motorized! make sure you don't miss it!
for now, there's more to see on Gary's blog, in the end the pictures will all nicely add up to tell the true story of these Daredevils  in a great book.

3 opmerkingen:

Ayasha Kieth zei

oh my this was really scary but still the man looks had fun doing that kind of tricks! everyone must always careful. :)

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Lamak zei

Great pics, I have seen someone do the wall of death with a small mini car, about 800cc. That was pretty scary too.


roaa mohamed zei

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