zondag 13 maart 2011

Harry's HD Flathead/Matchless Racing project...

I met Harry a couple of years back, on the Dutch/Belgian GarageManiacs Forum, eversince then we run into eachother at parties, shows and rideouts, but we never really visited eachother's garages, untill recently Harry dropped by and we agreed I would visit him soon to check out his great new bikeproject...
Up to now I didn't manage to go yet, but sure hope to do so asap
This one's gonna run the Bonneville Saltlake once finished so keep you eye out for more and of course we're gonna try to follow up on this cool bike in Motorized!

here's some sneak previews of what Harry's cooking up!!!

1 opmerking:

Ayasha Kieth zei

This is a great project for you guys, and Cant wait to see when it finish :)

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